The Geneva Wine Regions

Switzerland now ranks 20th in the world in terms of the area of ​​its vineyards. They have been cultivated there since the Roman Empire and its inhabitants rank 4th in the world by annual wine consumption with 33 liters per capita.

Being the third vine-growing canton in Switzerland, Geneva occupies an important place with more than 100 producers and more than 70 cultivated grape varieties.

Geneva’s vine-growing area, 10% of that of Switzerland, represents 1 410 hectares, or the equivalent of 1 973 soccer fields!

There are three wine regions in Geneva: “Le Mandement”, “Entre Arve et Rhône” and “Entre Arve et Lac”. The commune of Satigny, in the Mandement region, is the largest vine-growing commune in Switzerland.

The Mandement occupies 60% of Geneva’s vine-growing area while the other two regions share the remaining 40%.

The AOC classification was introduced in 1988 in Geneva, being the first canton to do so in Switzerland.

More than 70 grape varieties are planted in Geneva with 43% white grape varieties and 57% black grape varieties. The most cultivated are Gamay (24% of black grape varieties) and Chasselas (19% of white grape varieties).

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