Geneva Wine Trails

There are three wine regions in Geneva: “Entre Arve et Lac”, “Entre Arve et Rhône” and “Le Mandement.” In each of these regions, you will find a trail traced for wine lovers. A total of 78km divided in three paths with explanations about the wines and vineyards along the way.

A vineyard in Bourdigny

While crossing the different communes and walking through the vineyards, you will meet the farm animals, a variety of bird species and amazing landscapes, sometimes remembering some of the Lord of the Rings scenes! The Mont Blanc and Salève are watching you so you don’t feel too lonely. Do not hesitate to go to see the producers and taste what they have to offer, they are always happy to welcome you. You can do all three trails during each of the seasons and see the differences in smells and colors of the countryside. And it’s free. If you want to escape the city for a while or take a walk in the nature, those wine trails are for you!

For more information, visit the Genève Terroir website.

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  1. Décotterd Karen

    De magnifique balades à travers les vignes Genevoise. De très beaux paysages à voir je recommande.

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