Léman Bleu – Geneva vineyards discovery

terroir  wine club, the company that offers an online subscription system for wine lovers. A local, qualitative and eco-responsible concept. Created by Sandro Krstovic just a year ago, this innovative idea aims to introduce wine lovers to the region’s vineyards.

A club of wine lovers is the idea launched a year ago by Sandro Krstovic. The terroir wine club : a subscription system for members, intended to introduce the region’s vineyards, an innovative concept. Sandro selects three different wines for subscribers. And this month, it is the Chafalet estate that is in the spotlight. And the collaboration seems to please this winemaker. A few hours later, the selection is ready to be delivered by electric bike. And it is Teo, an active member who will be the lucky one. He will discover the assembly made by the boss. A fun way to discover the selection and history of this producer through a QR code. But Sandro does not want to stop there. Nearly 50 members are already active in this club. And its ecological contribution is already present. For each subscription contracted, one franc is donated to the company REBO, which works against plastic pollution.

To subscribe to the club, click here!

30 thoughts on “Léman Bleu – Geneva vineyards discovery”

  1. J’ai reçu aujourd’hui l’édition limitée spéciale Terroir Wine Club “LA FILLE DU GAMAY”, vinifiée par Cédric Delacquis, artisan sur le canton, quelle claque !

    Tout est bon et beau dans cette bouteille. Regardez-moi la chute de rein !

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