Drink wine, since you do not know where you came from; live happily, since you do not know where you will go.


The terroir wine club is a mix of personal tastes and stories. Personal tastes because we choose for you the wines that we think best represent Geneva’s landscape, but above all, the wines that we tasted and loved. It is because you trust us that we pay attention to the details and the quality of the selected wines, so you know that you’re getting something truly special. Stories because we are from Geneva, exploring our region and the people behind each bottle delivered to your door.

And the stories continue with our members because wine is above all one of life’s simple pleasures. It is the usual guest at family reunions, gatherings with friends, romantic dinners or moments of contemplation, like a witness of time passing by. The same time that winemakers spent their whole life, producing exceptional wines, often through several generations.

We wanted to start a wine club that we would like to join ourselves, making the poetry and complex language of wine more accessible, while valuing the local winemakers and creating together new memories. So let’s make this a unique experience and start the discovery of our terroir. Follow us @terroirwineclub

Sandro Krstovic, Founder, WSET3